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Taco Poster
Google Translate Poster

2 Poster Bundle


Que Hace un Pez Poster

This will be your students' favorite Spanish joke! What does a fish do? Nothing/It swims. 
Measures: 11″ x 17″

Individually this would cost $26, our bundle price of $20 has been lowered to clear stock.
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4 Poster Pack Bundle:

1) One Does Not Simply Use Google Translate

2) ¿Qué hace un pez? Nada.

3) Esto es un taco/ Estos sí son tacos. Taco Bell no es comida mexicana

4) Capitán México visita a Chichen Itza

Also available as a postcard

Que Hace un Pez Poster

One does not simply use  ​Google Translate

Your students want to do it. They probably will do it. But they'll get a kick out of this popular meme of "One does not simply..." as it applies to the WL classroom
Measures: 11″ x 17″

Taco Bell no es Comida Poster

Your students think Taco Bell is Mexican food. This poster will set them straight.
Measures: 11″ x 17″   


Posters Measure 11″ x 17″