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Passport Template Printables

Have your students create their own passport including booklet cover, blank stamp pages, and visa.

Honduras Stamp
El Salvador Stamp
Venezuela Stamp

Travel Pack Bundle

Digital download includes Passport template, Boarding Pass template, Country Stamps clipart and more.

Costa Rica Stamp
Colombia Coffee Stamp
CI Stamps TPRS Stamps
Bolivia Stamp

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Spanish Speaking Country Passport Stamps

These high quality rubber stamps made in the USA are mounted on laser-etched natural maple wood. Culturally rich imagery to pay homage to each country.

Nicaragua Stamp
Cuba Stamp
Paraguay Stamp
Argentina Stamp
EEUU Stamp
Guatemala Stamp
Panama Stamp

Spanish Teacher


Chile Stamp
Dominican Republic Stamp
Puerto Rico Stamp
Peru Stamp Machu Picchu
Mexico Stamp

Our high quality wooden stamps are made in the United States and are available in various sizes. The last option in the drop down box is a self-inking stamp. The default self ink color is blank ink, but you can email us before you order for green, blue, purple, or red ink.

Spain Stamp
Peru Nasca Mono Stamp
Ecuador Stamp

Request an Invoice or make a request for a specific stamp. We are able to customize any stamps!


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Uruguay Stamp
Colombia Vueltiao Stamp
Guinea Ecuatorial Stamp

Wooden Stamps