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Spanish 1 Teacher Resource Book

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Spanish Conversation Cards Cover

Lesson Plans: Sold on CD

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8 Movietalks for Spanish class:


-El Monstruo del armario

-A las tres

-Mr. Bean va al hospital

-La historia de un oso (Bear Story)

- and more

Includes link to video, story script for reading, and activities for post-story.​

Get your Spanish students talking! If you are a Spanish department of one, this product is a must for you! Over 460 questions across all levels. 

A great lesson to have students orally respond to questions. Can be used in pairs, small groups, or as a whole-class activity. 

Questions broken down by themes and topics generally covered in each level of Spanish class. 

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Combines the TPRS Story Bundle and the MovieTalk Bundle for one great bundle of great Comprehensible Input for Spanish class.

This product features 10 of our most essential products to get started for a Spanish 1 Teacher.  Individually, these would cost over $76. When you buy this bundle, you save 40%.

1. Spanish 1 Book
2. Spanish Subject Pronouns Unit
3. Ser Adjective Flashcards 
4. Spanish Bell Ringers  
5. Spanish Conversation Cards Levels 1 & 2 - Oral Speaking Activity

6. Using Comics for Dialogue or Storytelling 
7.  Vocabulary Practice - 16 activities to practice vocabulary words
8. Estar Adjectives Feelings Unit
9. Tarjetas Personales Practice

Spanish Projects Part II, exclusive to this bundle, so you won't find them anywhere else, which includes:

16. Mi Mascota Project, Rubric, & Presentation Listening Activity
17. Todo Sobre Mi Project and Rubric
18. Postcard Project with Rubric,
19. 2 Truths and a Lie (Past Tense Project)
20. 2 Truths and a Lie (Present Perfect Project)

Project Pack of 20 Projects for Spanish Class Cover

Conversation Cards Levels 1-4

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Essential Spanish Teacher Bundle Cover

20 of our Best Spanish projects which can be used for Spanish levels 1 and 2. Make for great assessments and great for students to work on when you have a sub.

1. Facebook Project for Spanish
2. Family Familia Album / Book Project 
3. Spanish Body Parts Project and Presentation
4. Spanish Speaking Country Research Project
5. Doctor Skit (Projecto de Salud) with Rubric
6. Spanish Food Comida Project
7. La Casa de tus Sueños Project
8. Create your own Superhero en español
9. Using Comics for Dialogues or Storytelling in Foreign Language
10. A Day in the Life of Project
11. Vocabulary Practice
12. Querida Abbey Letter
13. Commands Project
14. Propósitos Para el Año Nuevo
15. Carta a Santa Claus (Exclusive to this product)

52 pages:

CHAPTER 1: Beginning of the Year 
Effective WL Teaching, Silencing the Talking Taco, To Give or Not Give Spanish Names,Setting up a Proficiency Based Classroom, Proficiency Based Assessments, MovieTalk, Sample Student Survey, Sample Syllabus, Ice Breakers, The Hand Graphic Organizer, Connecting to Students’ Interests, Using Social Media

CHAPTER 2: Bell Ringers and Homework:
Bell Ringer Sheet, Bell Ringers, Idioms/Proverbs, Exit Passes, Homework Not Done

CHAPTER 3: Games, Activities, and Vocabulary Practice
Game Ideas, Communications Practice (Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing ideas), Oral Practice for whole class, Vocabulario Points, Communicative Gemelos Activity, Clock Partners, Country Partners, Connections to Real Life, Food Vocabulary Using Pictures, Using Songs in Class, Song Bracket

CHAPTER 4: Projects and Assessments
Project for School Supplies, Project for Commands, Project for Clothing, Pronunciation Assessment Rubric, Project for Reflexive Verbs Unit

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6 Stories:

-Ir al Cine: Va al cine, le gustan películas

-Fotografía: Busca, Llama, No está

-Tiene que: Tiene que, quiere, le gusta

-Pasaporte: Va a México, Tiene, está
​-El Tigre tiene hambre: tiene hambre, ve, dice

-Erika quiere un unicornio

Spanish 1 Teacher Resource Book Cover