Spanish Teacher



A complete Student Learning Objective, ready to use

Timed Writing SLO (which can be used for ANY language class)
-a 6 picture sequence prompt for students to write about
-a second 6 picture sequence to use as a writing prompt
-a writing sheet for students to use during the timed writing
-a writing rubric (to show proficiency levels)
-a draft of what to submit to your administrator for your student growth goal for your teacher evaluation

Included in the Spanish Vocabulary SLO:
-a list of 180 commons Spanish words (with translation)
-a file for students to write out the translation of these words (3 pages)
-Google Forms quizzes of these words that will automatically grade students
-a Google Sheet Doc to track data. This will automatically generate individual reports for each student
-an Excel Spreadsheet to track data
-a Score Handout to write in the scores of each student


CD - $14.99 with free shipping

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