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Country Passport Stamps

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Get two stamps: either 2 Colombia Stamps or

1 Colombia Stamp and 1 "Me Encanta" stamp.

Colombia stamp measures 1"x1"
Me Encanta stamp measure 1.5" x .5"

Shipping to US only.



Proficiency Stamps

Our stamps come available as self-inking stamps which come with their own inking pad so all you have to do is push down. Our wooden stamps are a great alternative if you have your own ink pad.

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Stamps to giving encouraging feedback to your students

Encanto Special

Spanish Speaking Country Passport Stamps

These high quality rubber stamps are mounted on laser-etched natural maple wood. Culturally rich imagery to pay homage to each country.

Help your students reach their goals and measure their language ability with our proficiency based stamps. See all our
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Proficiency Stamps.

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