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French Feedback Set

Show your students how much you like their work with this bundle set. Incredible savings.

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Timed Writing and Data Tracking on CD

A complete Student Learning Objective, ready to use Timed Writing SLO
(which can be used for ANY language class)
-a 6 picture sequence prompt for students to write about
-a second 6 picture sequence to use as a writing prompt
-a writing sheet for students to use during the timed writing
-a writing rubric (to show proficiency levels)
-a draft of what to submit to your administrator for your student growth goal for your teacher evaluation

Included in the Spanish Vocabulary SLO:
-a list of 180 commons Spanish words (with translation)
-a file for students to write out the translation of these words (3 pages)
-Google Forms quizzes of these words that will automatically grade students
-A Google Sheet Doc to track data. This will automatically generate individual reports for each student
-An Excel Spreadsheet to track data
-A template Score Handout to write in the scores of each student

Country Stamps

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Posters - See all our posters

Lessons Plans on CD

4 Poster Pack:

1) One Does Not Simply Use Google Translate
2) ¿Qué hace un pez? Nada.
3) Esto es un taco/ Estos sí son tacos. Taco Bell no es comida mexicana
4) Capitán México visita a Chichen Itza

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Intermediate Low Cone Stamp


Show your students their performance level with this self-inking stamp.

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This bundle includes 9 movietalks with accompanying readings:

1. Simon's Cat Quiere Pizza:
         Simon tiene pizza y el gato de Simon quiere pizza. This movie talk features a presentation of the story as well as 3 embedded readings.
2. La Llorona MovieTalk:
         Script for a short story of la llorona, followed up with a MovieTalk of a commercial with La Llorona.
3. Alma MovieTalk:
            This video focuses on a girl who sees a doll that looks her like. Includes various readings and activities.
4. El Monstruo del Armario:
          A scary video with focuses on structures "escucha algo", "grita", and "no hay nada".
5. A las Tres:
            A music video that tells the story of a migrant worker missing his family and calling them every Sunday at three o'clock.
6. Mr. Bean va al hospital:
7. Destino (Destiny):
         Very repetitive video featuring verbs se despierta, se levanta, sale de la casa
8. La historia de un Oso (Bear Story):
9. MonsterBox (for Spanish 3,4+):
            A little girl befriends a gardener as she looks for houses for her monsters.

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Not Paying Attention Poster

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[Shakira] Wasn’t paying attention Poster
Cuando la maestrta te llama y no prestabas atención
Hopefully your students don’t have this look on their face, but we know it happens, so why not use it as a opportunity to show this phrase.

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España -

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