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Check out our passport stamps of all 21 Spanish speaking countries or check out our other stamps including proficiency levels.

Facebook Project

Students use this template to create a profile about themselves or a famous latino. Can use the Google slides template or print out a hard copy for students.

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Passport Stamps

Rubber stamps and self inking stamps of Spanish speaking countries. Great to stamp students' work or use our passport template to "travel" the world or stamp as students meet unit objectives. 

Novice Mid to Intermediate Mid stamp

Welcome to Spanish Teacher Shop, where you will find exclusive materials for Spanish teachers such as stamps, posters, and lesson plan materials such as FVR readers, projects, and more. Use the drop down menu at the top to navigate to Our products; hard goods such as posters and stamps that ship, or Our Lessons, which are downloadable lessons.

Spanish Lesson Plans

Also, check out our Proficiency Level stamps to stamp students assessments with their current performance level.  



Student Growth Assessment

Use data from these 2 assessments to show student growth throughout the year in your World Language class.